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Accounting Website: What Can Social Media Offer Accounting Firms? | Columbia County Sheriff

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The internet made the world smaller and social media changed the world.

Many businesses have integrated social media as part of their online presence. From a marketing perspective, social media is a great way to boost sales. However, many accounting and financial firms were having second thoughts if they will fully embrace social media or not.

Nobody really knows why, but there are several accounting and financial firms that see social media not as a business tool, but rather a personal tool. Another probable reason is, these firms are hesitant to change their business practices.

However, marketing experts, even the pillars of the field, believe that social media is the future and even suggest that everyone should embrace it. A simple accounting website should suffice in the meantime, just to let the firm establish presence over the internet.

In a recent study, it was revealed that there were about 60% of professional service buyers that conduct their research check out providers first on social media platforms. Social media is actually becoming a source of information. Buyers check out the social media account of the company first before any final decision is made and oftentimes, clients will only conduct a business if they have seen the social media page first.

Here are some advantages of social media services.

Social Media is a free service.

LinkedIn and Twitter seem like the best option for finance and accounting firms to join with. It is free and almost everybody can join. The only resource that it needs are time and effort. These two social media sites are appropriate for businesses and will make the firms visible on the internet. Once a business has joined in, everybody will be able to interact with these financial firms.

Social Media is designed to increase a business’ visibility.

Being visible on the internet is already a form of marketing. A research showed that referrals are still a top lead maker and 48.1 percent of the total respondents stated that they contacted a business because of a friend’s referral for expertise on the subject matter.

Social Media endorse the contents of an accounting website.

It is also common nowadays that financial firms upload post field-related blogs or articles, and conduct seminars on the internet, which is also known as a webinar. With these posts, the financial firm can now interact with its customers. Customer’s interaction is a telltale sign that the firm’s presence can be felt.

Social Media can put the spotlight on your firm.

Nobody can deny it, but social media is the best way to let other people know your firm better. Since accounting and financial firms can now interact with its prospects and clients, the business can now answer questions, inquiries, and other business related matters.

Social media is a great marketing tool for any business out there. There is no point not to join in as it is the best and fastest way, so far, to reach a broad range of clients and prospects.